Please see the latest achievements and awards for Banbury Hockey club and our individual team members below:

Team Achievements

Men’s 1st Team Year
South Premier Division 2 Champions 2014/2015
Oxfordshire Cup Champions 2015, 2013…2002, 1998 (first time)
South Premier Division 2 Champions 2007/8
MBBO Regional R-Up & play off winners 2005/6
MBBO Division 1 winners 2001/2
England Hockey Trophy Winners 2004, 2007, 2008
England Hockey Trophy Finalists 2014, 2006
Bucks, Berks & Oxon Div 1 Winners 1975/6, 1980/1
Bucks, Berks & Oxon Div 2 Winners 1973/4
Bucks, Berks & Oxon Div 2 R-Up (Prom) 1986/7
Bucks, Berks & Oxon Div 3 Winners 1972/3 (inaugural league season)
Oxfordshire Indoor League Winners 1980/1, 1981/2, 1989/90
Ladies 1st Team Year
south 3a League Champions 2014
south 3a League champions 2011
Trysports Premier Division Champions 2006
England Hockey Vase Winners 2006
Men’s Piranhas Team Year
MBBO Division 8 champions 2014/15
MBBO Division 9 champions 2013/14
Promoted from MBBO Division 10 2011/12 (1st season)
Since its inception Piranhas have produced 20 county players and counting


Player Achievements

Tim Craven.round Tim Craven
National Honors
England u16, u18
George Brooker.round George Brooker
National Honors
Wales u16, u18
James Clement.round James Clement
National Honors
England u16,u18
Will Moreton
National Honors
Wales u16, U18
Adrian Simons.round Adrian Simons
National Honors
England u18, U21
Andy Philpott.round1 Andrew Philpott
National Honors
Mel Wilkinson.round Mel Wilkinson
National Honors
England u16, U18
Mae Welsh.round Mae Welsh
National Honors
England u16
Mike Tideswell.round Mike Tideswell
National Honors
England A